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British care system creating mind control slaves

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When you look at how many paedophile rings being covered up; right up to the top of our social structure. And the amount of children being sexually abused within the ‘care ‘system and outside in paedophilic families, where no action is taken, you start to see the size of the issue at hand. So many paedophiles, so many children crying out to deaf ears. You think that’s a hell of a lot of nonses. How many children do they need? What is it all about?

Well I discovered quite a lot through my journey, trying to get a care order revoked for a mother, whom was being treated by the care system with extreme hatred. Her lawyer once remarked ‘why do they hate you so much?’

I was initially thinking,’ what is the issue with you? Why are they so against you?  Have ya murdered someone or something?’ It didn’t make sense.

All services encountered were cold, hostile and arrogantly poised to ridicule her, me and the system even. They presented as fearless above the rules. Sapinod to court a social worker, who hadn’t come to court, still didn’t come, ever.  People with power buckled under them, turning sincere professionals into cold, heartless people just like them. One was left questioning their involvement in.  Were they all paedophiles? Why did they buckle, why did they change from someone caring to someone cold.

The care order was eventually revoked, after a long battle against oppression like I have never witnessed before. I was forced to loose my career, my human rights really were affected, for it seemed if I continued to help the mother I would be treated the same. The child was returned but the child was very strange, not normal. I have previously worked running play schemes and I have never witnessed the incomprehensible ways of the child.
She was extremely unmanageable, rude, would stare at people in public, they would smile gently at her and she would stare back at them like they were scum. Age 3. She was had seemingly no ability to play, she would destroy toys given to her. Abuse dolls. When given paper to draw would tear off the corner with a scribble on, hand it to you and say it’s a receipt. Otherwise she would draw rainbows, snakes and ‘evil eyes in the belly’; which were 2 big black circles, close together.

She is black and was fostered to a African carer. Yet she could not dance, had no sense of rhythm. Her mother is a professional singer. Once when she sang to her at a contact, the child looked at her mother with awe; like she had never heard songs before.

She sometimes had a very limited  vocabulary and other times would talk absolute rubbish , then other times be like wise old woman, and behave like one ;superior to others. Sometimes this included an African accent. She would have the sarcasm of an ole woman.

If I asked her things she would seize up, not be able to answer. I had to let her tell me. And never respond with a question.

In the nursery she said she was told by the ‘Daddies’ that she must stop drawing. She said they came they came in the nursery to see her. When the mother used to walk the child to nursery out side men would sit in cars. Saying hello to her as if they knew her. The mother had to ignore.

When she was returned the foster carer remarked to the mother ‘careful they don’t take her back for being under weight. And ys it was extremely hard to get the child to eat.

She hardly slept, awaken most of the night, jumping about at first doing as she liked. She only slept about 4 hours.

Once returned she gradually disclosed and described the hell she had been through.

The daddies had sexually abused her, also the ‘Mummies’ had too.

I asked had anyone been nice, she said no; some times they would be nice but then be nasty after. She described Africans, Asians and white people involved in sexual abuse and ritual abuse.

She once called herself by a different name; her mother said no your name is blah. In later years I was reading through my notes and asked her, who was this ‘named’ person. She first replied ‘oh you can’t expect me to remember that after all this time, I knew this persona behaved like a social worker; very cunning. So I said no you said blah blah blah . She responded ok yes the daddies told me I wasn’t (her name) anymore when I see them they will call me blah.

Due to my ignorance regarding mind control and regarding her very strange behaviour I knew something was going on but it was extremely difficult to work out what.

Due to many occult aspects arising with her case I tended to put any unexplainable aspects down to occult practices. Which I knew little about initially but tried to gain understanding of via friends with little knowledge and books from local library. I applied the previously gained knowledge via a trail and error approach to resolve matters. And was left with many unanswered questions.

I had previously gone to my old boss regarding Obiah being done to one of my clients. He was knowledgeable on such matters and told me 95% is psychological only 5% true majick. The life wee were experiencing; using occult explanations and understandings was making the 5% seem more like 90%. Something didn’t add up.

After 5 years ;in 2006 I was reading a book from library by David Icke and read about mind control…ping ping ping…Things started to fit, kind of , not totally but it fitted some and so I went to investigate more!
Cathy O’Brien book was mentioned and I wanted to find it, but no not in library, no not in top book shops.


Then someone came and told me they had a laptop, and so I asked them to get me ‘Trance formation of America’, by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips. And Access denied. Amazon sent them out, but they never came, so they sent them again.

I mention this because all books I ordered on net never arrived first on first posting so Amazon repeatedly had to send again, they never charge and so I got books free.

After reading the books things made more sense. I wrote to Cathy and Mark telling them of our situation. They e mailed me back via my friend and gave supportive advise. Although regarding the occult aspects Cathy said not to take on, it doesn’t work etc. This caused me conflict as I had experienced many occult experiences and I wasn’t programmed to. But by learning of the concepts of mind control alters I was able to understand the child more. Having an explanation as to why she sometimes came across like an old woman, and had many different accents.

I addition my friend printed out many articles I wanted to read, that I found on the net. I studied as hard as I could and came across Fritz Springmier  and saw he says one has to take on occult aspect in that have to remove demon attached to alter; to get completely free. Here laid a conflict between opinions only one could be correct. And I was aware that people could be used to mis-inform.

I read it was generational, and therefore questioned whether the mother was also mind controlled. The care system definitely behaved very different towards her , she also acknowledged on my learning and explaining to her mind control that she had a lot of missing time/memory in her life, but previously just dismissed not giving it much thought. But due to our new concepts to view things through we could recognise similarities.

 At school she was called by a different name, always believing the thread of thought that people had trouble saying/remembering her name, as it was a very unusual name. So the whole school referred to her by another name. To the point that when she left school and asked a teacher for a reference he said he felt uncomfortable writing it with her real name, as he didn’t know her as that. Well that I find very strange for the register surly held her real name, and it wasn’t that hard, in truth.

This different name also came up in the journey we began on the internet. As she is a professional; singer and been trying hard to get back into the industry; but it seemed many obstructions and games occurred.
New to the net our friend said Myspace was a way and that she would make a profile for her. When we searched her artist name on myspace someone was already claiming to be her. And their profile picture was of a white woman, but mother is black. They had 5 friends. So I wrote to the 5 friends; some of which had Masonic aspects to their page. I told them they were not joined to the true artist, and I directed them to the newly created correct site. But they never came. I then informed the ‘artist’ that I had done this and welcomed them to the true artist’s site. Soon after they changed their profile name to the same one the mother was referred to at school. We had a good idea of who had been running the fake profile site.

Using the writing techniques suggested by Cathy and Mark the mother proceeded to try and deprogram out anything she could on the psudo name.

At the time of doing this, 2006 summer, she was experiencing many problems that didn’t make sense like extreme pains, sleep deprivation. gang stalking and so on. Amongst the problems occurring was a rash on her skin, which we diagnosed as hives and bought hay fever/anti histamine tablets for to reduce symptoms, which they did. Then I read in a foot note of Cathy’s book that programming was done with histamine and I suggested the mother tried to see if she could find any memory on it and she did.

Being left out in a field with terrible hay fever, eyes puffing up to the point that she couldn’t see. This was at her infants’ school. In London, England. She was also getting sun burnt in our garden, yet has dark skin, again through deprogramming she recalled being left outside in the sun in St Lucia, already burn and burning. Each ailment she was able to deprogram out, and once the memory was brought forward the ailment disappeared. It was like they were just needed to be remembered the experience and then the body no longer needed to keep reminding her. Although saying this, previously to her gaining custody of her daughters she didn’t experience hardly any of these ailments. It was as though they had been triggered somehow.

Regarding the child and deprogramming at that time (2006) she was resistant towards writing anything …..In some respects …if she tried to write she would end up going into a trance so didn’t get it done. I myself previous to my knowledge of mind control, thought that she was being obstinate, not wanting to write, but came to an understanding of her struggle. I explained to her the importance of deprogramming but added she had to want to do, so she should do in her own time. She did little but tried.

I told Cathy and she said she would probably be able to do better in puberty. By the time she was 10/11 she started to want to and also now she was mature we were able to communicate better on the same level regarding the matter. She is more able to understand herself and me too. She became much stronger at resisting the pull to trance, fighting to concentrate on what she wanted to do. Also I found techniques that were very helpful, like exercise could shift her mood/alter from being stubborn and resentful to determined and happy.

She became increasingly better as telling me things that for some reason she wasn’t able to before. Like the head of education who visited us at home was the person whom read a story in her nursery many years before and in another borough. When she told me I asked ‘why didn’t you tell me before?’ she said she knew it was her but just wasn’t able to utter the words. Slowly also we became aware of how colours affected her moods and also logo’s on cloths. Her memory is extremely good and goes back to very early. I taught her deprogramming techniques to access all parts of her memory, which she did at her pace, but with an understanding of the benefits for her. Many answers were realised.

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